Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Prays for a Miracle 2014.04.21

Girls Generation Seohyun Prays for a Miracle 2014.04.21

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun joined other celebrities in expressing their grief over the Sewol ferry incident and support for the victims.

Seohyun tweeted on April 20 KST, “They must have cried until their tears have dried up..their pain from having their hearts torn apart is unimaginable…I hope nothing more happens that will hurt them..I hope a miracle happens..I earnestly pray..All those people who died…I pray that you go to a good place…We mourn for you..”

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Seohyun’s Twitter New Updates Profile Pictures And Message 2014.04.20

Seohyun Twitter New Updates Profile Pictures And Message 2014.04.20

Tears are falling as if they were dying… The pain of having hearts torn into pieces can no longer be imagined… I pray that no more injuries will arise from now… Praying that a miracle would happen… Praying that it comes urgently… To all the people that became victims of this event… I hope that you are all able to find good (afterlife)… My condolences…”

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Sunny shares what she thinks Girls Generation would be good at and career goals 2014.04.19


Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, who has branched out into the dubbing sphere as the voice of Jewel the parrot in the animated movie ‘Rio 2′, shared what her members would be good at doing and her career goals!

During her recent interview with Newsen, when asked if she thinks there are any members who haven’t shown their hidden talents yet, Sunny shared, “I think that if Hyoyeon were to do a musical, she would be really good at it. I think she would be a perfect fit for a dance musical… I think that YoonA would suit voice acting for a child character. She has a unique way of saying, ‘Eung eung~’. Now that I think about it, I think she would do really well. Please recommend her.”

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